Pony Pal Stables                                     
Abilene, Texas

Pony Pals

Meet Our Pony Pals

TinkerbellTinkerbell is a small miniature horse with a big

personality!  Although she is too small to ride, we love having

her at our barn!

Giddy Up - This sweet pony has been at our farm the longest
 and is always the first to greet the children!

Misty - Misty is a beautiful horse that all children
 love to paint on during camps and parties! You can
 usually find her sleeping through most parties!

Maggie - Maggie is our larger size pony.  She is an awesome pony who has given ponyrides to over 1,000 children!

 - Snip is a retired ranch horse who has come to
love his new slower paced life giving children rides and
being loved on.


- Our Gentle Giant!  Charlie is a Percheron 

draft horse we use to pull our wagon.  We love to hear

his feet go clippity-clop as he takes us down the road.

Hoofbeats in Heaven - Our dear friends who have passed on and now are our Angel Horses

Princess was my favorite Pony Pal!  She loved to go on hayrides and was always on our float in parades.  She left us to become a true angel horse on February 5, 2011...she will always be loved and missed!

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